Be sure the angle of the shots are such that the lens aims at RIGHT ANGLES to the hooves. Place the camera on the ground with the lens directly aimed towards hoof. The following shots are required:

  • SIDE


  • SOLE

I would also ask that you take a full-body shot from both sides of your horse plus a front view and a rear view to show me how your horse stands and what the conformation is.

Be sure your shots are clean and sharp. I cannot work with fuzzy, out of focus or blurry shots. I need the clearest photos you can get for me. (The "front" shot shown to left would be too blurry for me to give an accurate assessment as I cannot see the crack going up the front of the hoof clearly although with this particular hoof I know its there.)

Have your full body shots with the horse standing square.

All photos should be jpg and no larger than
600 X 800 pixels. Most digital cameras will take this size as "Low Quality" shots meaning it will hold more photos than "High Quality" as the photos will be smaller.  Use this setting.

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