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  A Leading Expert Pioneer of the Bare-Hooved Equine World
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Gwenyth Santagate: Wholistic Consultant for Equine Caregivers, Trimmers, Veterinarians, Massage Therapists, Equine Chiropractors and other Healers. MA, RI, CT, S. NH. Worldwide by photo consults.
Pathological emergencies, Local Maintenance trimming, Workshops, Private Hoofcare Instruction, Home-Study Courses.

Recurring Lameness
"Mystery" Lameness
Chipping, Cracking, Crumbling

White Line Disease
"Club" feet
Gait Problems
Quarter Cracks
Long Toe/"Low" Heel

Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate:
  • Accepting very limited pathological horses needing transitional,corrective and rehabilitative care and local maintenance care horses. (see list above.)
  • Advising and consulting services for trimmers and farriers. Also for vets, equine massage therapists and equine chiropractors with regard to proper hoofcare as it affects Equine body work.
  • Workshops and Private Hoofcare Instruction.
  • The trimming fees shown below effective 2013.

    & TRIM -- $85 PER HORSE. 
  • Includes full holistic consult, evaluation and set-up trim. Travel fees may be indicated.
    Plan for an hour to 1 1/2 hrs. for full appointment. 
    $75 per STD horse; $85 per Draft; $65 per mini;
    plus farm call where applicable.

  • Removal of shoes extra. $20 fronts only. $35 all four.
No added mileage fee incurred within a 10 mi radius of Douglas, MA  - (must be on a regular monthly trim basis otherwise initial fees may apply).

Please call for more info.  508-476-1317
or email to


If you are outside the 10 mile radius of Douglas, MA a travel fee will be charged of $1.50 per mile for every mile beyond the initial 10 with a minimum farm call of $35. If there are 2 or 3 different owners, each with one or more horses at the same barn or in the same proximity, the farm fee is divided between the owners.
    By appointment only.  
    Refer to trim fees above.
    You are welcome to truck in to PENZANCE provided you have a Negative Coggins report that is current. 
  • For all appointments - CASH preferred. Thank you.
    $75 per consult. Includes followup evaluation.
    Includes markup of photos with complete written evaluation and recommendations. 2nd set of photos evaluated after trim evaluated as well. Please refer to instructions on how to take photos for evaluations below.

Please inquire for distance consults and photo consults. This is an excellent way for someone who trims his/her own horses to see if the trim is correct and/or what may need to be changed or tweaked. I also give consultations for your farrier and/or veterinarian. How to take photos can be viewed HERE.

There is also an excellent instructional page on taking photos HERE.



10 week Home Study course covering topics including:

    -- Lifestyle of the Natural Horse

    -- Feed & Nutrition of the Natural Horse                  
    -- The Natural Trim of the 
       non-pathological Hoof
    -- Anatomy of the Hoof and Lower Leg
    -- Natural Progressive Horse Handling
       and Safety
    -- Natural & Alternative Remedies and    Treatments for the Natural Horse
    -- Pathologies Pt. I and II
    -- Step by step trim with video & illustrations. 

COST: $225 plus cost of texts (student responsible to order texts independently.


or you may register directly below: 

Private Instruction, Semi-Private, Workshops, Online Courses

  • **PRIVATE 1 day training: $350 (plus travel fees if I travel to your place.)
  • **SEMI-PRIVATE 1 day training $250 pp (plus travel)
  • WORKSHOPS:  --NHC101 class practicums. Fee: $125 pp for full day.
    --2-day workshops $250
  • ONLINE:  Course on Natural Hoofcare. $225plus purchase cost of two outside texts. Student Practicum Workshop following completion of online course, $125 

     **Non-refundable deposit (1/2 full payment) due day of scheduling; balance due on day of instruction. 
    Rescheduling of appointed day subject to $50 rescheduling fee. 

  • OK ... so. This all being said. What would I recommend?  If you're only wanting to learn this to maintain your own horse's hooves then a 1 day private or semi-private would suffice nicely for you. Of course, I offer on-going support after the training and periodic "check-ups" to see how you're doing either by scheduling an on-site visit, a truck-in or by photos if logistics are difficult.

    If you have any inclination of "helping" other owners' horses then I would STRONGLY recommend you enroll in the Homestudy NHC101 course( You can start anytime, work in your own time and at your own pace. There are assignments and reading to be completed plus quizzes and a final exam. The student has the option of completing all assignments/quizzes and exam for Certificate of Completion or participating as much as one wishes. Students have a year following registration to complete the work and all materials (other than the 2 outside texts) are stored online for access anytime, night or day, for a year.  Following completion of the course students then come here to Cape Coral, FL for a day's workshop with the hands-on trimming. Students can truck in their own horses or work on Penzance horses here. Either way.

    I try to acccomodate as best I can .. I know everyone has busy schedules and lives as well as economic concerns. So tailoring to the individual as much as I can helps those with odd schedules to still benefit from the instruction I offer. If you need help with "creative" financial planning, don't be afraid to ask!  I will set up payments if needed.


Trim Workshops - Students


The Finished Hooves: Students 'FIRST trims. 
Do YOUR horse's hooves look this good?  They CAN! 

      A couple of nice notes about the course & workshop:

      Hi Gwen,

      The Natural Hoof Care class along with the Workshop exceeded all my expectations. The online class was informative and provided in depth discussions about hoof care and horse care which ultimately work hand in hand for the health of your horse. The workshop was the culmination of weeks of learning, but also a chance to meet the people in the class that we had discussions with. Gwen, your knowledge is a gift to all of us students and I for one will continue to look to you for guidance in the future. From start to finish, the workshop helped me overcome the last of my fears and it answered all of the questions that were still lingering, like how to really look for and deal with flares, white line vs. water line, and how to achieve balance. I worked with Kelly, and both of us helped each other overcome the items we still needed to work on. �Cowboy� was supposed to be a nervous horse but ended up being such a joy to work on.

      I believe we all did a great job with your help. With all of this said, I would like to thank you, and also Jack, for doing a great job and providing this opportunity to learn and grow. I believe by inviting us to the next workshop is actually a step toward improvement in your program. By inviting previous students, they will actually assist you with the workshop.

      I for one would like to sign up to attend the next workshop. Please let me know what I will need to do to attend.

      With sincere thanks, Nancy Camp, NH

      Hey Gwen,

      The class itself on a whole was very informative.  Coming from a real strong IT background some of my horsey background was a little weak on the natural elements, I really wish I knew something was out there like this class, before I got a horse, there were times I was like wow, I really wish I knew X or y.  It really was an eye opening, that everything can effect a horses hooves one way or another.  The workshop, I felt helped better my understanding on a hands on level.

      I feel that you read for hours, but the understanding part might not even reach potential.  Through the hands on I feel I understand the basic trim better and the actual parts of the horse.  Its a big difference looking at diagrams to comparing to actually cadavers and horse's hooves.  I would most definitely recommend this course to others, I have already done so!  As for improvement, maybe more hands on during the sessions, to better understand the texts a little earlier in the course, even its the basics.  I am more of a hands on learner, so that is why I would recommend that. Again, enjoyed your class, and my husband learned a lot, from listening to me about new "facts" I learned.  And surprisingly, he is actually preaching it now, just last week heard him say "its natural for horses to live outside, for their well being, hooves everything, we are not putting them in a stall", he was actually defending why we kept our horses outside.

      Take care --Nicole, RI

      Hi Gwen,
      Just had to write you a quick note to let you know that I rode N today at Borderland State Park and he was AWESOME!!!  He was 100% sound, no head bob at all.  He was light and very forward and just wanted to go.  We did extended trots and cantered all the fields.  I'm still on a high!  This is the first time in 3 years of owning him that he was this sound.  I just wanted to thank yo
      u so much for doing what you do and for spreading your knowledge.  Will you ever know how many horses you have "saved" from a life of pain.  And to think that they (vets & univ. equine employees) couldn't figure out Nico's lameness.  Shame on them and lucky me!!   Hopefully N and I will enjoy many many more years together in the woods and fields.  Thank you, thank you.   -- Sue, MA

      Please don't forget to send me my "instructions".  I'll be trimming T on Monday and would love to have them by then to refer to.  :)


      Hi Gwen, First of all let me tell you that I never imagined how much I would learn when I signed up for the NH101 course. The classes were so informative and the resources are great! The workshop is what put everything in place. After all the reading and studying, it was so wonderful to able to get the hands on experience. I have been trimming Rusty and Cowboy ever since and thier feet look great! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!  --Kelly Laflamme, NH


      "You have a well deserved reputation for being honest, knowledgable, sober and sane."  --George S., Member - International Chapter of Journeymen Horseshoers and Allied Equine Trades.


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