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The following photos are some showcased trims done by Gwen's students as part of the requirements to complete the PENZANCE Equine Educational Center Natural Hoofcare Level 102 course. Students at this level are studying and practicing for their PROFESSIONAL LEVEL I Certificate from PENZANCE. Each NHC102 student is required to document 200 hours of maintenance trimming of relatively healthy hooves.  The requirements for attending the 102 Level is satisfactory completion of the NHC101 course which is the first level required in a series of three for Professional Progressive Natural Hoofcare Practitioner status. Level 101 is also for those horse owners who wish to maintain only their own horses' hooves.  More information on the Educational Center can be found here:

Ronn Baker
Free My Sole

DRUMMER: Left Hind

Left:  Before Trim
Right: After 3rd Trim


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