Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate

  A Leading Expert Pioneer of the Bare-Hooved Equine World
Serving MA, RI, CT, NH and GLOBAL since 1999


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Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate and PENZANCE Equine Integrative Solutions© have become world renowned in the world of excellent horsemanship and hoofcare.

Gwen teaches and shares, speaks and trains daily.

Her studies with and of such Hoofcare Masters as Pete Ramey, Jaime Jackson, Gene Ovnicek, Lyle (Bergy) Bergeleen, Jim Welz, KC LaPierre and others who became 'hoof-care names' with the internet explosion and mentoring with Marjorie Smith have sprinkled her own methods of 30 yrs. of hoofcare with a diverse set of knowledge and skill that addresses the individual hoof on the individual horse. Her pioneering teachings of Natural Hoofcare have helped to set a precedence in the world of hoofcare today and thousands of horses are sound and healthy due to her care and teaching of horse owners, trainers, veterinarians, farriers throughout the world.

Look for Gwen's courses, articles, clinics and workshops that are offered year-round both in 'real-time' and on the internet for online and home studying.

If you're in the SW Florida, Lee County area see what Gwen has to offer for private instruction and care for your horse's hooves. She can help YOU with your horse, work with your vet and hoofcare specialist to help restore full soundness and health to your horse. Or help you make that transition from shoes to barefoot comfortably and simply.

Gwen offers expert consult for pathological situations such as Laminitis, Founder, White Line Disease, Stubborn Thrush, Abscesses, and more. A firm believer in addressing the *WHOLE* horse, her holistic expertise offers complimentary and alternative treatments including homeopathy, essential oils, acupressure, bodywork, nutritional and immunoregulators in addition to natural hoofcare. 

Gwen can be reached by email or by phone, 239.573.9687

Gwen's formal accomplishments can be found HERE.

Can you name all the parts of the hoof labeled above and describe their functioning in the
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